july 23

i get concerned every time i am reminded that there are people who don’t follow me but still read this because i like this theme but it doesn’t show tags and tags are like 50% of my posts so ur missing out friends 

im also very embarrassed when i am reminded that people other than fellow seniors i am friends with actually check this regularly LOL

like how the fuck does a junior find this blog how do you even know who i am im actually so surprised it’s definitely not a bad thing i don’t want you to feel bad but i am so so so embarrassed oh my god LOOOL

july 22

OMG SO TODAY AT WORK a kid’s parents were late so he was chilling with me and the teacher at the front desk and he was really bored so she was talking to him and she asked him if he lost his tooth recently cause he had a little kid lisp and he was like yea 

and then she asked if he got anything from the tooth fairy and he said 

"No, she doesn’t work during the summer."