july 27

what i learned today is that

1 i am very bad at dancing

but 2 everyone feels awkward so it’s still really fun   

and 3 my tHIGHS ARE WEAK

july 27

i think the easiest way to my heart is through my nose

& thats weird

but sometimes i have to ask myself if i really like a boy or if im just in love with how good he smells LOL

(smells is such a gross word i wish it sounded nicer)

what’s really upsetting though is the idea that one day when i do get into a relationship i might slowly lose the ability to smell how good he smells!! LOOL and he will smell good for sure bc that is a requirement

again smell is a really gross word and i hate using it

but you know how you dont know how your house smells because you live in it and how people who smell bad never know that they smell bad because they’re so used to being in their own stink that they just can’t smell it anymore

its called habituation!!! it happens to you a lot as an infant—you subconsciously become less responsive and attentive to stimulus that is repeated

question for ppl in relationships
is that a thing that happens??? :(
does your partner still smell good to you
because if not that would make me very sad ngl LOL

july 26

i moved upstairs to my room all ready to draw things and be productive with my summer and do things that i want to do but then i sat down and i was like nahh

so i came back downstairs 

that is the story of how i was briefly motivated for 0.2 seconds it was terrifying 

july 26

if there is but one thing unquestionable in this cold unfeeling universe it’s that zach braff has godly music taste